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Just Helath Insurance Products


Stand Alone

Rx Coverage

    Rx Discount Card
    Stand Alone Rx products - Custom or Stand
    Rx Audit Service Programs
    Stop loss insurance for stand alone Rx
    Fully insured plans
    Self-Funded plans

Group Medical Coverage     Traditional Programs
    Individual/ Non-Group Programs

Disability Program Coverages

    Long Term
    Short Term
    Integrated LTD/ STD

Individual Health Plans

    We offer multi-plan options for individuals and small proprietiers

Health Savings Accounts Products

Mini Med Products

Supplemental Coverages

    Disability Insurance
    Accident Insurance
    Cancer Insurance
    Critical Illness Insurance
    Hospital Confinement Insurance
    Life Insurance


Dental benefits are available directly to individuals and their families. The Teethkeepers dental program is designed specifically for individuals who:

    Are self-employed
    Do not have a dental benefit offered by their employer
    Are looking for additional dental benefits

Click on the link to learn more about the Teethkeepers program.

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