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What Millennium Administrators programs do for you:

  • Our products function as retention tools for your existing clients.
  • Our products – allowing you to open doors that may have previously been shut – are unique.
  • Our products offer you a standalone Rx product that will reduce health insurance premiums by 30%.
For the past 10 years Millennium Administrators has demonstrated that prescription drug data reveals plan inefficiencies.  By revealing and analyzing these inefficiencies, Millennium Administrators provides recommendations and solutions to help clients control their prescription drug costs and overall trend.
Millennium Administrators has taken that philosophy and applied it to Rx benefits.  Until a client can gain control of each benefit plan's data it will be impossible to reduce overall health care benefit costs.
Clients need to begin to look at all of their benefits on a stand-alone basis to find the problems of each benefit and identify opportunities for improvement.
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What Millennium Administrators’ programs do for your Client:

  • Millennium Administrators manages and administers prescription drug benefits for groups looking to improve profitable programs.
  • Millennium Administrators analyzes medical and Rx on a stand-alone basis.
  • Millennium Administrators offers long-term management programs which supply, analyze and interpret data to help Clients save money and gain control of their Rx benefit program once bundled in the medical benefit plan desired.

Millennium Administrators' Management Program:

Our management program provides our clients with a detailed analysis of all benefit claims.  Through this analysis, we identify areas of opportunity for improvement and cost savings, and provide recommendations that our clients can implement.